Mojave and MacStitch

Following each yearly release of macOS, there is nearly always an issue to be addressed to keep MacStitch compatible. 
(This may involve code signing, Gatekeeper, security, permissions… the list keeps growing. )
This year saw the release of Mojave and it has brought a problem with drawing images to the screen and printer in MacStitch. (Such as black selections when pasting, or in exported PDF files)
We have therefore spent a lot of time in 2018 working around the issues it introduced, but customers with versions 
from 2017 and older will encounter problems if they upgrade to Mojave. 
With regret, we do not plan to update versions of MacStitch older than ‘2018’ to work with Mojave - each was created and tested to work with the most recent OSX available when they were released and will continue to work if you do not change OS or computer. 
If you choose to upgrade to Mojave, you will also need to upgrade MacStitch to at least the 2018 edition. Discounted upgrade links are available on our web site, and below.

nb: This year sees the introduction of ‘Dark Mode’.
It will be some time before we have amended all the screens and controls of MacStitch to be compatible with the Dark mode option.