January 2021

2021 Editions out now!

We are happy to release the 2021 edition,
(with apologies for not having said much on the blog this last year.
Its been a bit.. unusual..?)
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We've added some amazing new features, based on the most requested things during the last year.

MacStitch is Big Sur and M1 chip compatible.

The 2021 edition focusses on integration:
A new (optional) file format to allow any other software to read our files.
(This ensures that your work will be usable in the future , whatever happens)
Excel Export
PDF Export improvements
Pattern Keeper compatibility

Diamond Painting gets some love.
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Backstitch can be differently coloured and stranded without having to double up the colors in the palette.

And more

To see what's new, check out the 'Whats new' page, by clicking HERE.

Lifetime customers have been emailed with a direct download link already.
If you have an existing version and would like to upgrade, please click HERE.